I’m Teaching Preschool Again!

So, most of you know that I have “big kids.”  They are 10, 12, and 14.  So obviously I won’t be teaching them preschool.

I have missed preschool so so much.  I feel like teaching 4 year olds was my best teaching.  I had complete confidence in what I was doing.  I had so so much fun.  I ended up leaving the next year to teach full time at a public school and while I loved a lot of things about it, it was so hard for me and I ended up inpatient because of my severe anxiety/panic attacks and depression.  It may have happened anyway, but I think it would have been less likely.

Life has had a lot of major ups and downs since I taught preschool in 2012/2013.  I am finally at a point in which I am ready to use my gifts to serve others.

So, I asked a few friends if I could do preschool with their kids!

I call it “homeschool preschool” because obviously it’s not the same scenario as an actual preschool with the classroom and 15-18 kids.  It’s just a few and in my home :-).  So it’s homeschool preschool.

My mom was the director at a head start in our town growing up and I would volunteer and help with things.  Then in high school I took a class called Early Childhood Professions where I learned all about teaching littles and I got to work with kids 2-3 days a week… infants through first graders.  It set the stage for my love for preschool.

Then I got a degree to teach early childhood through 4th grade.  I went to Texas State University where they had an amazing education program.  Everything that I already knew was reiterated and added to.

Years later and I’ve realized a few things.  I actually prefer homeschooling MY kids now that they are bigger, but I LOVE teaching other people’s preschoolers so much.

Lesson plans.

I decided to use The Peaceful Preschool as a spine to have some structure in my planning.  It’s very hands-on and play based which is important to me.  I will add so much to it, though.  I love looking for new and fun ideas.  I will focus on literature, nature studies, art, sensory activities, fine motor skills, music and singing, movement, a little bit of ABCs and 123s, lots of fun themes, and Bible!

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 2.48.52 PM

This is an example of the charts that are at the beginning of each unit.  The following pages have complete lesson plans with supply lists, and detailed instructions.  I will definitely add to and take away from because that’s my nature, but I also like that it’s a good place to start.


I have so many amazing books!  I had some to start with, then I got a whole bunch at thrift stores.  I might have spent $15 total on them!

Here are the books that I already had:

I got these big books at Goodwill in Abilene!

And these books I got at our thrift store and Goodwill.


Luckily I had quite a bit of craft supplies because my kids still love crafting!  But I did have to add to this area because I don’t have everything that I would need for fine motor activities, art, sorting/counting, etc.  So I bought some things for this.  I just added to what I already had and organized it.  I got most of the baskets from thrift stores.

I have some smaller items like buttons and things, but I will be right there with them.  They will mostly be for counting and sorting, but also maybe for crafts!

The main “circle time” area will actually be in my bedroom.  I wanted to create a space in my office, but I’m having a hard time figuring that out.  We’ll see if I am able to make it work.  In the meantime, I like what I have set up!

I cannot wait to start sharing the activities that we are doing.  This is going to be my favorite thing.  Check back!

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